Ally Hi-Tech has undertaken many national top projects, participated in 6 national 863 projects and obtained 40 national patents.

Hydrogen Solutions for the Satellite Launch Centers

China National 863


Hydrogen Station for

2008 Beijing Olympic

Hydrogen Station for

2010 Shanghai World

Formulation of

7China NationalStandards and 1International Standard


Since 2002, Ally has been cooperating with Air Liquide on more than 20 hydrogen projects and has become the qualified supplier in China. Ally has been awarded the hydrogen projects from the renowned gas companies, such as Linde, BP, Praxair, Iwantani Group, etc..

Ally service markets get involved into industrial gases, steel, fuel cell, refinery, chemicals, chlor-alkali industries, fine chemicals, polysilicon, fuel ethanol,pharmaceutical industry, oil extraction,environmental protection, automotive, new energy, etc..


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Founded in 18th September 2000, Ally Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. is a professional gas engineering enterprise who is engaged in the technology development, EPC (i.e.engineering and procurement and construction) engineering design and construction as well as engineering service for generation, separation and purification of industrial gases (e.g. H2 , CO, CO2 , CH4 ,N2 , O2 )while also runs in......


Ally High-Tech has always adhered to the concept of better than better, and continuously provides clients with high-quality services and first-class quality!
TNSC Announces Investment in Ally Hi-Tech
Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation (“TNSC”) announces investment to Ally Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. (“ALLY”) on Mar, 2019.
2019-05-20 14:04
Mr. Wang Yeqin, Chairman of Ally Hi-Tech Co. Ltd., gave a speech at the First International Conference on Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Industry in Chengdu, of "Technology and Cost Analysis of Different Ways to obtain Hydrogen"
2019-04-22 11:46